ABC Awards Results

ABC Awards Results


ABC Awards Results

Well its been a busy few months here at Hawksmoor, especially for the Training team. The Level 3 Certificate and Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals is a nationally available qualification on the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) and for this reason Hawksmoor are subject to rigorous external moderation by the awarding body (in our case ABC) each year.
We are thrilled to receive our moderation results today from ABC and thought we would share their comments with you as some of your work was chosen to be moderated.

  • A small but well qualified team. There is a good ratio of learners to assessors
  • Overall Summary of Moderation: Another very good moderation. The centre has thorough assessments in place and effective internal moderation procedure. High level of student work is expected leading to the learners receiving robust study and qualification.
  • Centre Strengths: Well laid out portfolios that are easy to locate the evidence from.
  • Thorough assessments that are clearly linked to the units and assessment criteria.
  • High level of learner work expected leading to a good standard of qualification.
  • Thorough internal moderation procedures in place.
  • Detailed feedback provided to the learners by the assessor.
  • All portfolio documents are signed and dated accordingly.

Thank you to all our wonderful students for their time and patients during this necessary and critical process, you are all brilliant!
Sue, Sara, Leanne and the Hawksmoor Training Team!

For many years Hawksmoor have been granted Direct Claim Status as a result of their moderations. This means that we can claim our learners ABC certificates direct from the awarding body once they have been signed off by Hawksmoor, something that not every training centre will be granted.
We would like to thank our great students also for their outstanding assignments produced, making you a credit not only to Hawksmoor but also the Hydrotherapy industry.

Overall Summary of Moderation:

It is obvious that a lot of hard work and planning has gone into the delivery and assessment of this course. A good range of valid, fair and reliable assessment methods set at an appropriate level have been used and it is evident that the quality of the qualification is being monitored in house. The evidence produced by the learners is of a good standard and the work is clearly assessed and areas for improvement are clearly highlighted.
Centre Strengths:
– Excellent learner feedback has been received. All learners agreed that the overall training experience at Hawksmoor was excellent. No areas of improvement were identified by the learners.
– Positive and constructive feedback has been given to the learners. Where insufficient evidence has been produced by the learner relevant questions have been asked and candidate amendment answer sheets have been produced, making it very clear what is needed to achieve the assessment criteria.
 – Clear tracking sheets used for each unit.
 – Effective internal moderation process in place