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Our first In-House Patient!

Meet Ditta! – A mini long coated Daschund aged 1 year. She was referred to Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy from the Willow Veterinary Hospital after having spinal cyst removed . Dittas owners have been attending the Hawksmoor Rehabilitation centre for Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy as well as working with her at home administering Physiotherapy.
They had to go abroad on business and were very worried about leaving Ditta with family or friends as looking after her was very intense.
Ditta came to board with us as a in house patient, we administered hydrotherapy and physiotherapy daily and she progressed and amazed us all by standing for a few seconds and taking a few steps. We have all fallen in love with this brave funny little girl, its a long road but she is a fighter and she is determined too succeed.