May 2016 Case Study – Indy

May 2016 Case Study – Indy


Name:            Indy

Age:               7 Years

Breed:            Border Collie

Condition:       Previous Right Hind Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture and Surgical Repair, with Osteoarthritis in both hips and associated lameness.

Indy has been attending the centre since April 2016 following diagnosis of Osteoarthritis in her hind limb hips with associated Lameness.

She had previously attended the centre following the Cruciate Repair Surgery and had finished her sessions but following the above issues, Indy was advised to re-start the hydrotherapy rehabilitation at the centre.

Osteoarthritis is a common condition in dogs and is defined as the progressive and permanent long-term deterioration of the cartilage surrounding the joints. It tends to occur following an injury or due to age related changes in the joints.

Indy was fully reassessed on the initial session back and her muscle mass measurements were as follows –


Limb. Measurements
Left Fore 23cm
Right Fore 24cm
Left Hind 44cm
Right Hind 43cm


These measurements indicated that her overall muscle mass was even although there was a degree of reduced weight bearing through the right hind limb and this also exhibited a tremble when Indy was stood.

Following a full assessment it was decided that in order to assist Indy’s rehabilitation and maintenance the Aquatic Treadmill was the most appropriate equipment to use. Indy had used this previously so knew the routine well and was only too happy to oblige.


Indy resting in the Treadmill whilst the water is filling.

On the first session back at the centre Indy had the water level filled to 13.5 inches and the belt set at 0.5 miles per hour. She then completed 3 sets of 1 minutes each with a good rest between. She coped well and although she lacked stifle joint (Knee Joint) flexion (bending) she appeared comfortable throughout her sessions.


Following the initial session we advised that Indy attend the centre twice a week initially then reduce to once per week depending on progress and then discuss a maintenance programme with the owner for the future.

On the following few sessions, Indy had her water level increased to 14.5 inches and the speed gradually increased also as our aim was to encourage correct and even weight bearing through the hind limbs to build even muscle mass and so support the joints.

So far, we have seen a positive progression with Indy and she is coping really well with her sessions and remains comfortable during the treadmill work and during exercise at home with the owners.

On the 10th session Indy was re-assessed as follows –


Limb Measurements
Left Fore 23cm
Right Fore 23cm
Left Hind 42cm
Right Hind 42cm


These measurements indicate that Indy is even through her limb muscles but she still has mild lameness visible in the right hind limb.

Indy has also lost some weight and overall we are pleased with the progress she has made.

We have recently also added a 10% incline onto Indy’s treadmill sessions in order to encourage greater hind limb weight bearing and greater range of motion through the joints which so far is having a very positive effect.



Indy getting ready to start her treadmill session.


Indy during a session supported by Becky in the treadmill.

Following the re-assessment we plan to carry out 5 more sessions with Indy and then re-assess her again. Then from here we will build a maintenance plan for her.

Indy has shown great progress and enjoys her sessions at the centre and really enjoys seeing everyone on a regular basis, of course the fuss and gravy bones help!


Indy enjoying her shower after her hard work in the treadmill with Becky.

We really enjoy treating Indy at the centre and hope she continues to do well. She is a lovely girl and her owners are really dedicated to her care which is really wonderful to see.


Indy giving her paw to have a yummy gravy bone after her treatment.