Hawksmoor Veterinary Referral Centre

Hawksmoor Only Receive Clients Via Veterinary Referral

All Hydrotherapists at Hawksmoor are qualified to the highest of standards and have achieved the first and only qualification on the National Qualifications Framework; “Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals”.

This enables referring Veterinary Surgeons to have the confidence to know that patients they refer for hydrotherapy rehabilitation are being assessed and treated by qualified professional who have a great depth of knowledge into clinical conditions and related surgical procedures.

What To Expect

Prior to the initial consultation our senior Hydrotherapist and Veterinary Nurse assess each animal. From this evaluation it will then be decided if the hydro pool or aquatic treadmill is the preferred treatment option. It may be a combination of both.

A full health check is performed prior to each session and the animal’s progress discussed with the owner. Muscle mass measurements, range of movement and gait are assessed and recorded an the first, fifth and tenth session and a comprehensive report is compiled for the referring Veterinary Surgeon on the animals progress after session ten.

Hawksmoor insist on a Veterinary Referral letter prior to commencement of any treatment of any animals