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Boarding kennels for dogs…..

Here at Hawksmoor Kennels you can be rest assured your best friend will be in good hands. Have a question about our kennels? Please read the Q&A’s below but if we haven’t covered your query, please feel free to contact us.

 Q. How many Kennels do you have at Hawksmoor Kennels?

A. We have seven single kennels with runs. Six double kennels with individual runs including, Two double kennels that can be opened via the runs as one kennel for 4 dogs from the same family. Four single kennels with runs for dogs that are slightly nervous and one family or OAP kennel

Q. What are your opening times?

A. 09.00 – 16.00

Drop off times – 10.00 – 16.00

Q. Do all the kennels have their own runs?

A. The only boarding kennels for dogs without a run are our OAP kennels.

Q. Are the Kennels heated?

A. Yes! each Kennel has individual heat lamps over the beds

Q.Can my dogs share a kennel?

A. Yes of course! Your pets can share (as long as they are from the same household).

Q. Do you mix dogs?

A. No we definitely do not mix dogs

Q. Do you accept elderly guests?

A. Yes we do, we generally have them in our family room which is quiet and they see us a lot more working in the kitchen & reception. They also have a potter around the Orchard

Q.What bedding do the dogs have?

A. We provide Vet bed for all our guests

Q. Can we bring are own bedding, toys and treats?

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A. You can bring your own bedding, however we do change the bedding on a regular basis so please ensure that you mark it with your dogs name on, so we don’t get it mixed up. Please feel free to bring their favourite toys and treats and we will ensure your dog enjoys their home comforts.



Q. What exercise will my dog get?

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A. We will walk your dog on a lead three times a day in the courtyard or Orchard, with only one dog per member of staff. This is when we can interact with our guests on a one to one. Our elderly guest are allowed off their leads to amble at their own pace in the orchard.




Q. Is it secure?

A. Yes!. The courtyard & Orchard fully enclosed and your pet will be walked on a lead. We also have an ADT alarm system for added peace of mind.

Q. Can I bring my dogs own food?

A. Yes you are welcome to bring in their own food. Please ensure it is labelled with your dogs name on and that you bring enough to cover your pets stay. We do feed premium dried and wet food. We feed all our dogs (guests) twice a day or more if required.

Q. Can I bring a bitch in season for boarding

A. Yes no problem! We will ensure that she is in one of the four kennels by our reception and that she is exercised after all the dogs have been out.

Q Can my dog have a hydrotherapy session whilst in boarding?

A. We are a hydrotherapy referral centre and we will only treat your dog after we have asked for a clinical history from your Vet.

Q. My dog is having rehabilitation treatment with you, can you carry this on whilst boarding with you?

A. For all our patients undergoing treatment, we will of course continue with their programme while you are away.

Q. Can I ring to check how my dog is doing in the kennels?

A. Yes please do!. We will be pleased to give you an update or if you would like to face-time your pet this can also be arranged. We also put photos onto our Facebook page.

Q. What vaccinations are required?

A. We require your dog is up to date with all of their annual vaccinations and receive their yearly boosters

Q. What about Kennel cough?

A. We do NOT require your dog to have the kennel cough booster vaccination in order to stay at Hawksmoor. However if you do decide to have this vaccine there must be AT LEAST A SIX WEEK gap between vaccination and boarding 

Q. My dog is on medication will you be able to administer it?

A. We will administer medication however injection will carry a surcharge, we also have Veterinary Nurses on site during day time hours running the Rehabilitation unit

Q. Can we come to have a look round?

A. Yes certainly, we always insists that you come to view the kennels. The last thing you do when going on holiday is to take your dog to the kennels, you work hard all year for your holidays and it is extremely important that you are happy where your dogs will be staying. Part of our service is to ensure you are happy and relaxed in the knowledge that your pet is being well looked after while you are away.  viewing hours are11.00am – 3.00pm, as before and after this time we are giving are fully attention to our guests.

Q. What time can we drop off and collect our dog?

A. We are open from 9.00am-4.00pm Monday – Sunday

Q. What happens when I bring my dog?

A. We will ask you to complete a booking form with you and your pets details. If your dog is on medication we will complete a medication chart with you. We will also complete a feed and motion chart together with a Head to Tail health check form. We will give your dog a health check and take him/she for a walk so that they can get to know the kennel assistants, once relaxed we will then put them into the appropriate size kennel.

Q. What is a days routine?

A. The guest are woken up at 8.00 and let out into their runs. We then changing bedding, water and start deep cleaning the kennels, they are then hosed out fully. Meanwhile our guests are being walked in the courtyard or Orchard, given a health check and returned to their clean kennel. Once cleaning is completed they are fed and let to relax. At lunchtime they are walked again in either the courtyard or the orchard 

and they are brushed daily ( however if the dogs coat is matted we will not be able to rectify this). The afternoon is taken up with another walk and tea, the dogs are walked again between 4 – 5 . They are put to bed depending on the weather but usually at about 8.30 – 9.00 

Q. Who is here at night?

A. Sue Hawkins and family live on site, when they are away Sara Marlow the centre manager stays

Q. How do we book?

A. We will book your dog in and ask for a £25.00 inc vat non refundable deposit to secure your booking

Q. What is the cost?

A. We charge £17.00 inc vat heating and insurance per DAY  (the insurance will not cover your dog if he/she is over the age of 9 or has an ongoing problem that he/she has been treated for). If two dogs from the same family share a kennel the cost will be £28.00 inc vat, insurance and heating PER DAY.  If three dogs are sharing from the same family the cost will be £35.00 inc vat.  We charge for the day of arrival and departure irrespective of the time, early departures will not receive a refund.

Q. Are deposits required?

A. We require a £25.00 inc vat per dog with every booking

Q. What if there is a problem?

A. We hope we do not encounter any problems, however when you book your dog in we will ask for your contact number and also a UK emergency contact number. We will ring you if we have any concerns

Q. Do you do doggie day care?

A. Yes we do please contact us for details

Q. Do you sell dog food?

A. We do have a large selection of Pro Plan food available for sale. If you require a specific variety we are happy to get this in for you – please add in Loyalty schemes are available, please enquire with staff

Q. What payment do you accept?

A. We accept Debit, credit cards & cash. We do not accept corporate Debit or Credit cards

Any other questions? Please feel free to get in touch!

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