Hydrotherapy Training | Why Train with Hawksmoor?

Our Hydrotherapy Training Centre

Hawksmoor Training Centre and Hydrotherapy Centre is situated in beautifully converted barns built in 1680, surrounded by acres of rolling countryside in the heart of the Midlands.  The immediate surrounding area is steeped with history as it was the site of Boudicca’s last battle during the Battle of Watling Street in AD 60. During the summer months our delegates have access to stunning outside seating areas to enjoy lunches and afternoon tea’s, making your time here a relaxing environment, ideal for studying!.  Hawksmoor is renowned for the high quality of their food and you will find the Hawksmoor Principal, Sue Hawkins, tending to your every need during your breaks from your hydrotherapy training in this homely, friendly and relaxed environment.

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Hawksmoor Course Tutors & Team

Hawksmoor’s training team have a diverse range of skills consisting of Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses, Physiotherapists and Canine Hydrotherapists.  This enables our learners to access a variety of skills and develop not only their own knowledge and understanding but also their own clinical reasoning skills.  Every member of the Hawksmoor team are friendly and approachable allowing you to ask questions to gain the understanding you require to become a competent, professional Hydrotherapist.

 Hawksmoor Training at it’s best!

Hawksmoor understand that for some people returning to education is a daunting prospect.  Therefore we only take 4 learners on the Introduction to Hydrotherapy courses to ensure all our learners are at ease to maximise their learning potential.  Both the Level 3 Certificate And Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals can be studied on a part time basis. We also provide an individual mentoring service for each learner not only in the months following your training but in the years to come when you are embarking upon your new business venture.  Sue and Sara will personally mentor you for any advise or support you may need.

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Hawksmoor Care!

Hydrotherapy is an exciting and newly evolving industry relative to other complementary therapies. There are many conflicting opinions of what contributes to ‘best’ practice and at Hawksmoor we are firm believers that only one dog should be treated in a hydrotherapy pool at any one time. A physiotherapist would not treat more than one patient in the same room at one time, a veterinary surgeon or nurse would not consult with more than one patient so this raises the question of why should hydrotherapists be any different? There are many centres that perform multiple dog ‘swimming’ and we have grave concerns regarding this as we see patients post operatively following cruciate surgery and spinal surgery and if there is more than one dog in the pool or treadmill area there is an increase potential for the patient to become anxious or frightened. This will cause the sympathetic nervous system to cause the fight, flight, fright or fool around response from the patient, causing adrenaline release in to the body and therefore blocking critical pain pathways. This may potentially be of detriment to the patients condition and therefore the patient has undergone unnecessary stress and an unproductive, unsafe hydrotherapy session. One industry organisation – The Canine Hydrotherapy Association has now banned multiple dog swimming as part of their rigorous quality standards. Hydrotherapy rehabilitation is about providing safe and effective aquatic exercise in a controlled environment. Many dogs enjoy toys as motivation however if used incorrectly this may compromise the safety of the patient so knowing how to use these motivational tools effectively is crucial. If a dog’s mouth or even worse head goes below the water line this is not hydrotherapy!


There are many reputable hydrotherapy centres in the UK today, professionally trained and who are able to provide patients with a high standard of care, clinically reasoning their treatment rationales. It is a thoroughly rewarding career that will become a way of life, complementing existing roles or for some a new career, new business and a new chapter in your lives.

One to One Tuition…

Hawksmoor provide one to one practical sessions in our purpose built hydrotherapy unit.  There are many centres, delivering hydrotherapy training with large industrial units and large pools in the UK however at Hawksmoor you will train in an attractive centre with an average sized pool where skill is required to successfully rehabilitate your patients. Hawksmoor also have a dedicated aquatic treadmill room with an innovative, state of the art aquatic treadmill which will enable you to learn the most up to date techniques.

Still unsure?…

Don’t just to take our word for why you should train with us! Check our our Dog Hydrotherapy Training Student Testimonials!

All of Hawksmoor’s courses are fully endorsed by the Canine Hydrotherapy Association (CHA).