Introduction to Hydrotherapy Treadmill Therapy

Course Details

Title: Introduction to Hydrotherapy Treadmill Therapy
Duration: 1 day
Day 1: 09:00 – 17:00
Fee inc. £375.00 inc. VAT
Certification: ABC

ABC Qualification – A Nationally Accredited Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals
Level 3 Diploma – 3 credits
A mentoring service is provided to each learner on an individual basis for as long as they require optimizing their learning potential.


What will I gain from the course?

  • Further your skills and knowledge as a Hydrotherapist
  • Learn how an aquatic treadmill operates along with the associated equipment required and management of patients and their owners prior to, during and post session
  • Learn how to utilize the properties of the water to target specific limb regions and gain maximum extension and flexion in joints as well as correction of gait patterns
  • Adequate assessment of patients and their condition(s) prior to Aquatic Treadmill Therapy is essential, part of the course involves you deciding a patients suitability for hydrotherapy therapy treadmill treatment

Who is the course suitable for?

  • Veterinary Nurses
  • Veterinary Surgeons
  • Hydrotherapists

What’s included in the fee?

  • Registration with awarding body
  • Grading of all assessments
  • Full diploma
  • All refreshments during the course

Finish time may extend due to delegate interaction.

Please consider our Lecturers who have requested that delegates do not arrive before 08.45 in order that they can prepare themselves for the day’s course.

Course Programme (brief overview – theory & practical)

  • Comparison of aquatic treadmills and their features
  • Appropriate positioning of an aquatic treadmill
  • Maintenance and operation of the aquatic treadmill
  • Suitability of a patient for aquatic treadmill therapy
  • Effects of water level, speed and duration of aquatic treadmill sessions on the patient
  • Observation of the aquatic treadmill session
  • Making adjustments to improve results of the aquatic treadmill session
  • Preparation of the patient and the client for an aquatic treadmill session

Sara Marlow

Sara Marlow
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Sue Hawkins

Cert Ed

Diploma course Introduction to the Aquatic treadmill 

July 2017

Thank you for your lovely feedbacks for the Hawksmoor level 3 diploma in hydrotherapy for small animals, Introduction to the Aquatic treadmill.

Really good day & helpful to put everything into practice to see how different things work on different dogs

Really good day, thank you for the last 10 days its been amazing

Amazing day, great introduction to the treadmill. Ive had the most amazing 10 days at Hawksmoor. Thanks for everything Cant wait to come back for the independent assessment days

Fab day! great into to the treadmill

Brill day, really enjoyed practicals

Great day, looking forward to the advanced course

Interesting & informative motivation to do the advanced treadmill. Great tutors!

Really enjoyed intro to treadmill today, very informative & helpful

May 2017

Another amazing day, with a small insight to the treadmill. Such subtle changes to water level & speed to effect on dogs movement. Looking forward to returning next year.

Really enjoyed the first session for the diploma. Very good practical assessments, extremely helpful to put theory into practice. Brilliantly run course, and a fantastic team 2 legs & 4 legs

Really enjoyable & worthwhile course today. Thanks to Sue, Sara & pooches for all your support & imparting your knowledge & expertise

Looking forward to coming back soon

Brilliant to see the treadmill theory put into practice, & great to have the opportunity to note how water level affect different breed shapes

Really well put across theory

Wonderful day like the other. The practical has been really useful

Amazing finish to a fantastic day. Loved the practical element of the day

Well, today was the last of my 10 day course & I am completely blown away. What I have learnt is amazing. Great place, great team a real inspiration.

I have been looking forward to this course all year & it has been invaluable I have really enjoyed today Thank you

October 2016

“Great day learning about treadmill & practical session made everything clearer. A good day & very well explained no stone unturned! Thank you”
“Very informative day about the treadmill have learnt lots & need to put it in all the info into practice Thank you”
“Amazing day learnt lots thank you”
“Very interesting sessions, practical unit gave me my first insight into actually using a treadmill. Eye opener!
“Intro to treadmill, fantastic day!”
“Had a really good day. Always look forward to coming here”
“Great day! Really great information & hints & tips!”
“Loved today, really enjoyed the practical this afternoon thank you so much”

 September 2016

“Important different company treadmill when you are just about to buy one is brilliant”

“Enjoyed demonstration of use of hydro treadmill”

“Instructors very knowledgable”

“Excellent day specially enjoyed the afternoon Very many thanks”

“Fantastic lectures & teachers”

“Enjoyable course & very informative”

“Very thorough & informative thank you”

“Enjoyed the course Very informative”

“Good introduction not too formal but not too informal”

“Very informative thank you”

“Loved this course. Excellent intro if you haven’t used a treadmill before. Great practical again Thank You”


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