Anatomy, Physiology, Medical, Orthopaedic and Neurological Conditions

Course Detailsanatomy-physiology

Title: Anatomy, Physiology, Medical, Orthopaedic and Neurological Conditions
Duration: 3 days
Day 1: 09:00 – 17:00
Day 2: 09:00 – 17:00
Day 3: 09:00 – 17:00
Fee inc. £1125.00 inc. VAT
Certification:  ABC

ABC Qualification – A Nationally Accredited Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals
Level 3 Certificate – 9 credits
A mentoring service is provided to each learner on an individual basis for as long as they require optimizing their learning potential.

Who is the course suitable for?

  • Veterinary Nurses
  • Hydrotherapists

What will I gain from the course?

  • An understanding of the basic anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system
  • A detailed and invaluable insight into the medical conditions commonly seen in our hydrotherapy patients
  • Knowledge of common medical conditions seen in Hydrotherapy patients e.g. Diabetes, epilepsy, renal failure, stroke, heart conditions, skin conditions and obesity
  • An understanding of common reasons for referral of our Hydrotherapy patients

What’s included in the fee?

  • Registration with awarding body
  • Grading of all assessments
  • Full certification
  • All refreshments during the course

Finish time may extend due to delegate interaction.

Please consider our Lecturers who have requested that delegates do not arrive before 08.45 in order that they can prepare themselves for the day’s course.

Finish time may extend due to delegate interaction. Please be prepared for a late finish on Day One.
Please consider our Lecturers who have requested that delegates do not arrive before 08.45 in order that they can prepare themselves for the day’s course.

Course Programme (brief overview – theory & practical)

A brief outline of the course content – day by day.

Day 1

Leanne Mulllane Cert Ed will introduce the start of the day with the skeletal system giving learners an understanding of basic anatomy and physiology. Thereafter a lecture on the anatomy and physiology of the muscular system, followed by a practical session of putting the theoretical knowledge into practice by building the muscles discussed on the model skeletons therefore ensuring a full understanding of the topic for learners.

After lunch types of joints, tendons and ligaments will be discussed to give an understanding of basic Anatomy and Physiology expanding their knowledge.

Day one is closed with a recap of the days events to resolve any queries that may have arisen.

Day 2

Day 2 then continues with Rebecca Winter RVN Dip A Phys MBVNA lecturing the management of Medical Conditions in hydrotherapy. Catherine will discuss the management of conditions such as Diabetes and Cushing’s disease in the hydrotherapy patient detailing their signs, symptoms and their management within the hydrotherapy setting.

Day 2 closes with a recap of the days events and any questions the learners may need resolving.

Day 3

Mark Taylor delivers day 3. During the day Mark will discuss common orthopaedic and neurological conditions highlighting key presenting indicators for a multitude if conditions such as osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament disease, luxating patella, hip and elbow dysplasia, wobblers disease and FCE.

Throughout the day Mark will also explain their symptoms and surgical procedures that may be applied by the Veterinary Surgeon to correct these conditions.

Day 3 is again closed with a recap of the day and any questions that may have arisen. Coursework to be completed by the learner and post course assignment are introduced and discussed so any concerns can be answered.

Leanne Mullane

Cert Ed

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July 2017

Anatomy & Physiology Course Feedbacks

Diagrams were great, played for muscles fab, passion in subject really helped explain in different learning styles

Leanne was fab & made the courses interesting & understandable

Really enjoyed todays session, very interesting learning & understanding how everything links in & how it will effect us treating the dog. Thank you

Very interesting & enthusiastic always enjoy coming back

Really good anatomy & physiology course. Leanne was great see you tomorrow

Anatomy & physiology was made exciting & easy to understand by Leanne. Amazing course & lecturer

Anatomy & physiology was made really enjoyable learnt lots. Excited for the rest of the courses.

The theory of anatomy & physiology was really understanda

& enjoyable.

Leanne made learning this complex subject easier. What amazing passion

Feedback from Medical conditions

Medical conditions course was brilliant, I learnt so much & understand why I do some of the bloods test that I do at work

Medical conditions was very informative & explained well

Very informative. Just enough info for what we need as hydrotherapists really well presented. Great diagrams!

Very informative dat today, loved it again, lovely trainer. Thank you.

Medical conditions was very informative & lots of new information to fit in somewhere

Great course to put a background on what we will be doing in the pool. Loved it

Lots of conditions to go through but was explained in a easy to understand way. Great day that put a lot of background knowledge into what we will be dealing with.

Feedback from Orthopaedic & Neurological conditions

Great Session, very informative, looking forward to coming back.

Fab day, great to pull all info together & Mark was brilliant.

Thank you! fab session see you Tuesday.

Amazing day, Thanks Mark for making the subject really understandable 

Amazing day, really enjoyed the lecturers and learnt lots.

Really good, interesting informative day learnt lots.

Very informative great to get a perspective of a vet.

May 2017

Anatomy & Physiology

Brilliant day, Leanne’s ability to keep our attention for a whole day on a difficult subject was really impressed

What a fantastic course. Leanne made a complicated subject easy to understand with her knowledge & explanation. Thank you

Great day with Leanne, made A & P much easier to understand

Great day really enjoyed it

Loved the neurone demonstration

Great day Leanne is super human, set my sensory neutrons off

great course with Leanne loads to take in & learn

All parts were fantastic, course content was great but delivery was brilliant

One of the best academic experiences, I have ever had

Absolutely excellent day. Could not have asked for a better lecturer, made everything clear & memorable

Excellent knowledge & great teacher & interactive Q & A

Explained terminology clearly, good use of examples, good mix of theory & practical

Personal experience & extra advice & own diagrams

I wish I had Leanne when I was in university Thank you

Made a subject no previous knowledge of easy to understand with excellent explanations

Medical Conditions

Another great day. Excellent contents really sympathetically delivered. Great response to questions and enough space given for discussion. Thanks Becky I really enjoyed it & learnt a lot

Very interesting courses lots to learn

Another very informative day on diseases lots to think about & digest

Lots of information regarding medical conditions lots to consider

I leant today how much I don’t know & how much learning I have to do. Great start to future learning.

Medical conditions Becky had good subject knowledge. Good way of re capping & checking knowledge, doing the condiotn cards

Another excellent day Thank you

Lots of information given great day

Amazing day, love it

Great presentation, really approachable. Thank you

Another excellent day at Hawksmoor. well presented clear and precisely

What a wonderful day at Hawksmoor! Becky really knows her stuff and delivers a clear, concise and informative session in a way thats easy to understand. Super professional and excellent knowledge . Thank you

Brilliant thank you so much

All in all you could see that Becky is a real professional who has experience in multiple things. Loved her way to lecture

Another excellent day. Becky could not have been more helpful

Common Ortho and Neuro

Brilliant thank you so much.

Brill input, lots of information

Very interesting day clear Tutor

Fast pace but fantastic Thanks so much

V good really enjoyed

Lots of info learnt a lot

What an amazing day! wish we had more vets like Mark. Thanks a lot for all the effort. Perfect choice for a lecturer well done Sue

Lots of info Great day

Very informative but a lot to take on board. Passionate vet though

Mark can you please relocate to Liverpool. I need your help & advice

January 2017

Feedbacks from todays A & P course.

Lots of information enthusiastically presented
Loved the anatomy part, everyone was enthusiastic
Great day – so much to learn
Had an awesome day & learnt a lot Thanks
Had a brilliant day, Leanne is an excellent teacher especially with such a difficult subject
Great day, great presentation, day flew by looking forward to tomorrow
Another amazing day of lecturing with Leanne thoroughly enjoyable – my brain is full
Leanne is really good teacher so knowledgable & passionate about her subject
Leanne was really enthusiastic , she was very clear & easy to understand but a lot to take in
Leanne is a great teacher & covered all topics in detail
Thoroughly exhausting day! Thank you Leanne learnt loads

Feedbacks from today’s Medical conditions course.

Very informative lots of great advice
Awesome day. Becky was great & broke down the information which made it easier to understand. Thanks
Learnt a lot again today, a lot of useful info & day diagrams
Another great day great presentation looking forward to tomorrow
Rebecca was brilliant today, really enjoyed another session lots of information to take in but very well explained
Thank you – very informative
Another great day> icky is a great lecturer who made things easy to understand
Enjoyed the learning & looked the photos we had to work with in the afternoon
Enjoyed the test as it helped me to learn & understand more
Amazing course loved it
Very informative & very interesting really enjoyed Becky’s presentation style, clear & concise


Feedbacks from today’s Ortho & Neuro course.

Very enthusiastic Vet! Excellent day
Mark was excellent very knowledgable
<Mark has been brilliant, the videos were really useful thank you
Its obvious Mark is enthusiastic & knowledgable about orthopaedics simplified topic so easy to understand very useful. Thanks for a great day
Very informative, clearly knows his stuff & makes it easier to understand. Video presentation are great
Very in depth a lot to look through & use
Mark was fab, he helped break things down & videos were awesome. Thanks
Mark managed to cram a lot in, and was clear enjoyed the videos
Very enthusiastic
Mark has amazing knowledge & experience it made me realise why hydrotherapy needs to take its time & build up gradually so improved my understanding & knowledge
Very informative & inserting Mark gave very detailed explanation
Extremely detailed & informative I wish Mark was my vet a bit too much info for m brain
Intersting & informative


October 2016

Thank you for the lovely feedback

Ortho & Neuro
“Very interesting part of the course. Neurology & orthopaedic l lot to be taken in but valuable part and enjoyed it thoroughly.”
“Mark is an excellent instructor! made very difficult information & concepts understandable”
“Really interesting subject! great lecturer, really knows his stuff!”
“Fantastic day great lecturer loved the course Thank you”
“Another great experience jam packed of info Thanks”
“Informative day, Mark has great knowledge”
“Brilliant course lots of information”
“Lovely & friendly, good knowledge and shares knowledge. Love your food and real tea

Thank you for your kinds feedbacks. on the medical conditions
“Becky’s depth of knowledge & confidence outstanding”
“Lovely session, lovely group, plenty of laughing & thoroughly good day of learning. Thank You”
“Great lecture, everything explained it was fun as well as professional”
“Great day learnt a lot about medical conditions”
“Very good day lots of information to take away”
“Excellent day of medical conditions a lot to take in but was good to know medical conditions”
“Huge amount of knowledge passed on, confidence in the info and examples opened my mind> Final task was brilliant”
“Really interesting subject matter. Great course

Feedbacks from todays A & P course.
“A brilliant subject in A & P enjoyed it a lot lecturer had a lot of experience to give”
“Top session! great depth of info”
“Amazing course, well explained amazing lecturer”
“Very in depth & well explained amazing information to be taught”
“Fab day very well taught”
“Leanne was an excellent lecturer who made a difficult subject much easier”

September 2016

We loved this !
Q How could Hawksmoor improve the training experience?
A. you can’t except maybe giving out free money & Kittens !!

“Leanne is an excellent tutor, who has a lovely way to explain the course”
tutor has personal interest in the subject & ability & interest in questions kept me engaged”
“Excellent day Leanne delivered training exceptionally well, loads of information given”
” Been taught A & P for beauty & in my degree for FdSc applied Animal studies – Leanne made it the most knowledgable & fun. Thoroughly enjoyed it and feel I have learnt a lot and in detail”
“10/10 very informative”
Fantastic as always. Thanks so much leanne for making the day fun educational but fun”
“Love it here. Would like to move in please. Leanne is a fantastic trainer, really amazing & made everything interesting & understandable Thank you”
“Very informative but brain dead”
“Amazing day, full of information. Leanne made the anatomy work really understandable & clear Thank you”
“Had a great day learning from Leanne, her passion for her subject made a lot of information interesting & the lecture was engaging”
“Thank for Leanne She is great to listen to & really explained everything well. he was happy to answer questions & gave simple understandable answers”

Orthopaedic conditions feedback

“Orthopaedic conditions was another great course. Mark is a very down to earth vet who made the day fun & interesting while still explaining the information”
“Very interesting day thank you”
“Very informative & interesting Thank you”
“Heaps of information, really interning, still got brain fry tho Thanks”
“Mark explained the conditions simply and gave me a wider understanding of many issues I deal with daily in the hydro centre i work at”
“Learnt lots today from Mark, and great to have videos to help to visuals things”
“Lots of information very interesting really enjoyed it”
“Very interesting & informative Covered loads Really enjoyed it”
“Vey enjoyable very knowledgable Great to learn from someone who is in the industry and is obviously passionate about helping dogs”
“Thoroughly enjoyed orthopaedic and neurological conditions explained clear and made understandable thank you”
“Another brilliant day Very interesting today liked the video”
“A day packed full of important information, interesting loved it”
“Intersting & good for planning hydrotherapy treatment fast pace but enjoyable”
“A very informative day a lot to take in and a lot of study needed”

May 2016

Thank you for your excellent feedback on the Anatomy & Physiology course yesterday

“Excellent explained in really good terms for me to understand “

“Thank you Leanne you were fab”

“The course was amazing it was all interesting & engaging I loved it”

“Leanne is fantastic, Another great day at Hawksmoor Thank you”

“Leanne thank you for making A & P so enjoyable as assets to the Hawksmoor team”

“Leanne was amazing. Explained everything in a way I could understand. Her extra diagrams really helped”

“Leanne was great & made it enjoyable”

“Leanne was very informative & definitely knew her stuff!”

“Another fantastic day course Leanne was great & explained and broke down the words. Lovely day”

“I have throughly enjoyed all the courses I have attended at Hawksmoor, I particularly loved all the hands on experience that we got in the introduction course. A & P very interesting too Thanks so much”

“Outstanding A & P course. Leanne is an exceptional facilitator, I would love to have more sessions taught by her & would love to do the advanced A & P. The only improvement would have been if the girls would drag themselves away from the jewellery channel to come and join us for five minutes”

Sorry the Hawksmoor girls love lying on the settee and watching TV, they will be back for the practical first Aid !

“Hawksmoor is awesome & so is SUE! “

“Very interesting”

“Having a great time at Hawksmoor the courses are great & I’m learning loads staff are really friendly & helpful”

Thank you for your excellent feedback on the Orthopaedics & Neurology course yesterday

“Yet another excellent day. Mark’s delivery of the orthopaedic & neurology conditions was easy to follow & very interesting”

“Great day enjoyed learning about orthopaedics & neurology conditions found it very interesting”

“Excellent day very informative”

“Thank you Hawksmoor another fab day”

“I have learnt so much”

“Another great Day thank you”

“Another fabulous brain draining day really enjoyed great to hear a vet on orthopaedic operations Thanks Mark”

“Excellent!! very knowledgeable and informative effective teaching style. Very useful to hear about real cases Thank you”

“Love my visit to Hawksmoor plenty cups of coffee made by Sue & sara and a great bunch of people to share the day with”

Great day with Mark today at Hawksmoor Thank you”

Feedback from the Anatomy & Physiology course on the 15th July. Thank you so much.

“Absolutely amazing lesion! Leanne is an excellent lecturer and makes the lesson so much fun”
“Interesting & informative very enjoyable”
“Enjoyable first day of A & P”
“Fantastic informative day”
“Wonderful informative day, feeling prepared now for the study ahead”
“Brilliant very informative & well explained”
“Extremely informative & very well taught to the group Thank yu”
“Very well set out day & the lecturer had an expansive knowledge with a great passion for what she teaches”
“Super lesson, Leanne is a great lecturer & explained everything”

Feedback from the Medical conditions thank you once again

“Very intense, but great information”
“Very interesting & informative”
“Very enjoyable & informative day, well explained throughout”
“Great course Becky drivers information in an understandable fashion”
“Very good course. Explained very well that it easy to understand”
“Very good course and a lot of information. Informative lecturer”
“Great course very informative & well presented”
“Great course really enjoyed it great presenter”
“Great course good to have an understanding of the medical disorders that we might see in our clinics”

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