Showering / Drying

Warm up & stimulate muscles pre session & to massage and relax post session

All animals are showered pre-swim to remove any excess hair and dust but to also acclimatise the animal to the temperature of the water. The shower head that we use in combination with the action of the warm water will also enables us warm up and stimulate the desired muscle groups prior to the hydrotherapy session.

The animal is then showered post-swim to remove any chemical residue in the coat.









Drying is very important after a hydrotherapy session for the benefits of the session to be seen. The drying technique we use is dependant on the animals temperament and condition. We have a blaster and also Easidri towels to ensure your pet leaves the centre as dry as possible.




















Warming up your car interior before you leave will also help animals as they must be kept warm and completely dry. If you have a coat that your dog wears in the colder months please bring this along for him/her to wear post session.

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