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The use of a hydrotherapy hoist in canine rehabilitation provides maximum support to patients recovering from spinal injuries

Many dogs can enter the water by walking down a non-slip ramp however some are unable to do this as a result of the illness or injury. If this is the case, dogs can enter the water by an operated hydrotherapy hoist with a specifically designed harness.


The hoist system is extremely robust and is the same as used for human hydrotherapy patients.

This allows unrestricted range of movement from each individual limb however still providing sufficient support and control that is critical in certain conditions, such as spinal injuries.

hydrotherapy-hoist-03 hydrotherapy-hoist-02


Along side using the hydrotherapy hoist, one hydrotherapist will be in the water with the animal to ensure complete spinal alignment and reassurance to your pet. A second hydrotherapist will be pool side operating the hoist, providing support and assistance to the animal entering and exiting the pool.


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Entering the pool:

Exiting the pool: