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Hawksmoor Kennels | Under “Sue” Management!

We officially re-opened in March 2015 after a fantastic open day!

Sue and her team are really excited to re-launch the kennels and we hope to see you soon with your beloved dogs whilst you enjoy a well deserved break. Hawksmoor Kennels are run by professional, first aid trained staff with qualified Veterinary Nurses on site during daytime hours for your peace of mind.

Hawksmoor have been established since 1989 and was renowned for their high standards, professionalism and reliability. During the last 5 years the hydrotherapy and training side of Hawksmoor has grown immensely and this was Sue’s main reason for agreeing to lease the kennel side of the business. Unfortunately this was not meant to be and for this reason Sue has now decided to re-open the Kennels as Hawksmoor that will be run to her impeccably high standards as they always were.


Hawksmoor Kennels Open Day The Hawksmoor Kennels team are ready to greet you

 Check out Hawksmoor Kennels Make-Over!


Phase one of Hawksmoor Kennels new reception floor complete today! Can’t wait to see the end result on Monday! Sue and Sara have been and bought lots of product to get everything spic and span ready for the Hawksmoor Kennels opening!


Phase 2 of Hawksmoor Kennels reception floor almost complete. Can’t wait to see the final product tomorrow!

Floor all laid, when all the walls are cladded it will hopefully look the part at Hawksmoor Kennels

Floor all laid, when all the walls are cladded it will hopefully look the part at Hawksmoor Kennels


Busy day at Hawksmoor Kennels getting ready for our opening on 16th March! We are now taking bookings for said date onwards. Book early to avoid disappointment for the peak season


Hawksmoor Kennels Vet bed all cut!


Hawksmoor Kennels is coming on a treat. New doors being hung tomorrow, hedge being cut, the list goes on…………




Hawksmoor Kennels It’s coming on now. Insulation going on the walls in reception prior to being cladded. Main block being painted, moving on nicely now……


Been all go here again today at Hawksmoor Kennels , the cladding is going on reception walls, the single kennel runs are having a cl deep clean and facelift and the Hawksmoor Senior Citizens room new door is on! We have had a stable door here to keep it nice and warm overnight and though the colder months but also so it can be opened on the top half for that crucial interaction with staff. All coming together nicely and getting excited now!!!


Our first holiday maker at Hawksmoor Kennels Myah a young 14 year old. She is a darling full of joys of spring. But didn’t wake up till 8.30 !


Hawksmoor Kennels Open Day The Hawksmoor Kennels team are ready to greet you


Hawksmoor Kennels Reception and Hawksmoor Kennels Main Block


Hawksmoor Kennels Main Block



Hawksmoor Kennels Officially opened by Lady Grace Really busy open day at Hawksmoor Kennels We have met lovely clients and there dogs. Looking forward to seeing them again soon. Thank you all for your very kind comments about the kennels!


Note to all of our clients……………..

It has been bought to our attention that when putting details in a google search, Hawksmoor Kennels is being viewed as Four Paws Kennels and Grooming. We would like to assure our clients that this company is not associated with Hawksmoor and the contact telephone numbers for Hawksmoor are NOT the ones listed on this website. The website does detail this company is based in the grounds of Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Referral Centre – this information is not correct. Sue Hawkins the founder of Hawksmoor Kennels is now running the kennels to the original high standards they were and now are renowned for. If you would like to contact us please telephone 02476 350221. Thank you.
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