Aquatic Treadmill

Hawksmoor | Aquatic Treadmill

Targeting specific muscles to maximize joint mobilization



The aquatic treadmill is a firm favourite in the Hydrotherapy industry and is now regarded as a highly rated tool to assist with the rehabilitation of animals.

The treadmills glass sides enable the hydrotherapist to assess joint range of motion, stance time and stride length throughout the therapy session.

We can alter the level of the heated water allowing us to target flexion and extension on the joint of interest. The treadmill has a variable speed enabling us to achieve the correct gait pattern for the patient coupled with an automatic incline feature.




Walking in water is a closed chain exercise (a type of exercise where the foot is fixed against a form of resistance). This method of walking without the added stress of further trauma is the ideal way of promoting gait re-education after surgery or injury. E.g. cruciate repairs and in particular patella correction.


The treadmill is particularly useful for making the transition from water to dry land by gradually increasing the load on the affected limb. For healthy dogs the treadmill may be used to increase fitness and stamina.