Hawksmoor Hydrotherapy Facilities

Hydrotherapy Pool · Aquatic Treadmill · Gaitrite Treadmill · Veterinary Physiotherapy

Please note: Hawksmoor work on a veterinary referal only.

The facilities available at Hawksmoor are selected dependant upon the animal’s individual requirements. Certain conditions may benefit from the hydrotherapy pool and some from the aquatic treadmill.

Therefore before your animal receives hydrotherapy treatment a referral from your Veterinary Surgeon will be requested.

Prior to the commencement of treatment, our senior Hydrotherapist and Veterinary nurse assess each animal. From this evaluation it will then be decided which method of treatment is best for your animal. This could be the hydrotherapy pool or treadmill, or a combination of both.

A full health check will be performed prior to each session and the animal’s progress discussed with the owner. Muscle mass measurements, range of movement and gait analysis are recorded on the first assessment and then again after a maximum of 10 sessions.

These results are all recorded and an in depth report is compiled for the referring Veterinary Surgeon on your animals rehabilitation progress.