Client Testimonials

Client testimonials pre and post operatively

A sample of our testimonials from clients with animals who have been referred by their vets to Hawksmoor.

Buffy was diagnosed with CRM (Chronic Rediculo Myelopathy) 8 months ago which would meant that she would lose the use of her legs very quickly, however, her visits  to Hawksmoor have given her a wonderful new lease of life and has extended her precious time with us.

Martin Liggett

I have been very surprised by the improvement in Daisy’s condition since starting the hydrotherapy. As you know I was very reluctant to start this treatment because Daisy would do anything to avoid getting into water. During the first two sessions Daisy was not a happy dog, but having Aimee in the water with her gave my dog and I all the necessary reassurance.

The difference in Daisy’s walking has been immense – she now walks faster and further (and climbs on to the sofas). But the biggest surprise has been the improvement in her confidence. She was unusually timid after the accident but now her confidence is returning and she patrols the garden boundaries again, protecting us from squirrels.

I’m quite sure that we could not have achieved the same result by our normal walks. My thanks to all the team

Cathy Grange

After Otto’s spinal surgery its been a long and hard road to recovery but with the help and encouragement from the friendly Hawksmoor staff he’s now progressing well and on the road to recovery. A big thank you to the girls at Hawksmoor.

Mrs Wheeler

Hi my name is William. I am a 3 year old Golden retriever. I have hip Dysplasia; however I never let that get me down. I am grateful to the Hawksmoor team and my brother Max as without them my days of chasing a tennis ball would be much harder.

Mrs Bentley

Molly had a ligament graft then six months later a cartilage operation to the same leg. She enjoys her treadmill sessions so much we have continued with them. Mention Hawksmoor to Molly and she goes straight to the car, she needs no persuading. She loves her sessions at Hawksmoor.

The Rattray Family