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Want to know a little more about our daily kennel routines?

Cleaning Routine at Hawksmoor Kennels

Cleaning Routine. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our kennels. The daily routine at Hawksmoor Kennels starts with a morning wake up call by letting our guest out into their runs. Whilst our guests are out in their runs, the hatches are closed and we start deep cleaning the kennels – this is done by hand washing all sides, beds and brushing the floors with a disinfectant called safe4. We then hose out all the kennels and change the bedding. Meanwhile our guests are in their covered runs where breakfast is being served. Our guests are then put back into the kennel side allowing us to carry out our daily routine of cleaning the runs using the same routine as the sleeping accommodation.

Dog walking at Hawksmoor Kennels


Once all the cleaning is completed and breakfast digested we then start walking our guests, after which, they then have time to have a rest in their kennels or sit in their runs and watch the world go by!. The afternoon is more walking, being brushed and having health checks with our qualified staff (each dog has a health check form which is completed at the end of the day). Its then time for dinner and an evening walk before going to bed. Our guests go to bed depending on the weather, if its a lovely evening they retire just before I go to bed, if its a bit chilly I put the heat lamps on.




We feel at Hawksmoor that feeding a quality diet is essential to our guests. We offer a range of dried and wet food. If we do not stock the food that you feed your pet, we are more than happy for you to bring your own food in and we will feed that to your pet. Please ensure that it is labelled with your dogs name on, the amount to feed and that we have enough of the food to cover their stay.



At Hawksmoor your dogs will need to have been vaccinated and you will need to show your certificates upon arrival so that we can record the date and batch numbers of the vaccines given. These must include:
Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirous, Para Influenza, Leptospirosis form part of the annual boosters given to your dog. We do not insist on the Kennel Cough Vaccine (Bordetella), but if you choose to give this, it MUST be given at least 6 clear weeks before your dog comes into our kennels.

Failure to comply with the above will unfortunately mean that we cannot accept your dog for boarding.


Toys & Bedding

We supply all our guest with Vet bed, which is changed regularly. You are most welcome to bring your dogs own bedding but please ensure it is labelled as it may be washed and may not replaced with your dog if unlabelled!. Please also bring any toys or treats to make your dogs stay as close as being at home as possible, we will of course ensure they receive them!. (However, we cannot be responsible for items left during your dogs stay)


Hawksmoor staff are trained to administer medication. We have Veterinary nurses on site throughout the day. Please note there will be a surcharge for injections, which can be discussed if appropriate.

When you check your pet in for boarding we will complete a medication form this will list the amount of medication, times to be administered and will be signed every time your dog has their medication by one of our dedicated staff. Please ensure that you write down all the details, times of medication and how you administer it eg in cheese etc. Most importantly please bring enough medication to cover if your pet may stay any extra days. All our dedicated staff have a Level 3 certificate in Animal First Aid.

Requirements to Board

To board at Hawksmoor Dog Kennels your dogs will need to show your dogs up-to-date vaccination certificates upon arrival. We do not insist on the Kennel Cough Vaccine (Bordetella), but if you choose to give this, it MUST be given at least 6 clear weeks before your dog comes into our kennels.

Failure to comply with the above will unfortunately mean that we cannot accept your dog for boarding.

We also believe that it is a good idea to bring a small bit of bedding which has plenty of your home and pets scent on it -as we find this does help dogs to settle.

So apart from your vaccination records, a bit of soft bedding (we provide beds and fleece and put your bit of bedding in with it) and your dog, you do not require anything else – unless you want to bring some of their favourite toys for them to play with in their runs and any favourite treats.

Contacting us.

Please ensure we have your contact details whilst you are on holiday together with a contact number in the UK if you are abroad. Hawksmoor welcome you calling to see how your pet is, if you would like to facetime your pet this can also be arranged.

We want you to have a lovely holiday and feel content that your pet is being cared for by professional staff who really do care about your pet. We also have a facebook page Hawksmoor Kennels where will will put photos of your pet on during the day, however we will not name your pet for security reasons. If a friend is collecting your pet for you we will require a written letter from yourselves together with a their car registration number. The Hawksmoor site is covered with ADT security


Our insurance will only cover dogs in the kennels under the age of 9. It will not cover any existing or pre exciting conditions that the dogs may have or had.


1 dog £17.00 per day inc vat
2 dogs same kennel £28.00 per day inc vat
3 dogs same kennel £35.00 per day inc vat.

We accept most major credit and debit cards (except Corporate cards) and cash. We do not accept cheques. When making a booking we do charge a £25.00 non refundable deposit per dog.

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