Hawksmoor hydrotherapy

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We offer the Nationally Accredited Level 3 Certificate for Hydrotherapy in Small Animals - originally written by Hawksmoor in conjunction with the A.B.C.




Hydrotherapy Referral Centre

Many Referral Centres, Veterinary Hospitals and local Veterinary Surgeons refer patients to Hawksmoor for rehabilitation treatment whether it be pre…

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Level 3 Certificate & Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals

Hawksmoor are extremely proud that Sue Hawkins, Principal of Hawksmoor, was the author of the original ‘Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals’…

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Hawksmoor Kennels Now Open!

Sue and her team are really excited to re-launch the kennels and we hope to see you soon with your beloved dogs whilst you enjoy a well deserved break.

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